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Capture One overview, Capture One versions and credits and legal information.

Capture One overview

Built on the world's best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro is the professional choice in imaging software. It enables photographers to reduce the time and effort required to create stunning, out of the box, images from leading high-end cameras. With a fast and intuitive workflow, it can be customized to fit your unique needs.

It is the world’s best raw converter, rendering precise colors and incredible detail, with support for leading high-end cameras. It contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools and professional performance in one integrated solution.

Built on the world's best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro is the professional choice in imaging software.

Capture One versions

Capture One Pro, DB and Express

There are four different Capture One versions:      

  • Capture One Pro delivers the same functionality as DB although it also includes support for digital camera jpeg images and numerous other Raw files. It also includes tethered support for some DSLRs. This ensures that DSLR owners have the ability to get the highest level of quality from their files. (See release notes for supported file types).
  • Capture One Pro (for Sony) delivers the same functionality as Capture One Pro, but only for Sony cameras.
  • Capture One Express (for Sony) is a simplified version of Capture One Pro (for Sony) and omits some features such as tethered shooting, but is free to use.
  • Capture One DB (Digital Back) version provides owners of Phase One, Leaf & Mamiya Digital Backs with a set of highly advanced image editing tools to help streamline and make any photographer’s daily workflow more efficient, whether shooting tethered or not.

You will need online access for the initial activation of Capture One Express and Capture One Pro. Capture One DB does not need an Internet connection for activation. This guide describes Capture One for Apple® Macintosh® and it is also applicable to Capture One for Microsoft® Windows®, though some specifics are not listed. All features tagged with the slightly raised Pro-feature text are only accessible in Capture One Pro versions.

There are four different Capture One versions:

Credits and legal information

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