Reducing Moiré

Suppress Moiré patterns in digital images

What is Moiré?

In simple terms Moiré can occur when capturing a subject with fine pattern details. An image sensor may reproduce this pattern with a Moiré effect because it lacks resolution. Moiré can be an issue when photographing clothes and can occur in architecture photography.

The simplest way to avoid Moiré is by adjusting the position of a camera by moving it back/forward while photographing and/or changing your aperture setting. 

When working with the Moiré tool, check areas that naturally have narrow stripes or a stripe-like pattern; if these have disappeared gradually turn down the Amount and Pattern and re-check the original Moiré issue.

Supress Moiré Pro

  1. Go to the Details Tool Tab.
  2. Go to the Moiré tool.
  3. Zoom to 100% in the Viewer and keep the Moiré area visible.
  4. Adjust the Amount value first, followed by the Pattern value, bit-by-bit in small increments.
  5. When the Moiré has disappeared do not increase the Amount or Pattern values.