Workflow Basics

Arbeitsablauf / Kopieren und Anwenden / Anpassung / Voreinstellungen / Arbeitsflächen

Learn how to copy adjustments from one image to another, view before and after images and how to reset and undo image adjustments.

RAW and Image File Formats

Find out how Capture One works with RAW files and previously processed formats including TIFF and JPEG.

Enhanced Image Package (EIP) Pro

Learn about the benefits of exporting RAW files using Capture One’s Enhanced Image Package feature.

Colors in Capture One

Discover how Capture One deals with image color, how to set a permanent color space, and calibrate an Eizo ColorEdge CG monitor.

Adjustment Controls

This section describes how the controls are used to make adjustments, how to copy those adjustments from one image to another and how to reset them.

Working with the Adjustments Clipboard

The Adjustments Clipboard is one of Capture One's most versatile and powerful tools, enabling you to not only select what adjustments are copied from the various tools but also which ones are to be applied to other images. It is used additionally to create User Presets and User Styles for the ultimate control over the look of your images.

Navigating and Selecting Images

To work with your images, you will need to review them by their Collections in the Library and then select them in the Browser. You can use a mouse, trackpad, or tablet directly, or navigate using the menu commands and shortcuts.