Working with Sessions Pro

Sitzungen / Arbeitsablauf / Arbeitsflächen

Sessions are favored for daily on-set workflow with direct interface to the computer’s file system. Find out how to create a Session and start importing images.

An Overview of Sessions

Before starting work on your images, find out how Sessions can be used in your workflow, and how they differ from using a Catalog.

Importing Images into a Session

Find out how to import images from your card reader, connected camera, flash disk or portable external drive.

Organizing Images in Sessions

Discover how to organize images when using Sessions, create templates, and transfer Sessions between disks.

Working with Networks

Whether you’re an individual with one or two computers or you’re part of an organization or group, Capture One is network compatible and capable of handling access from multiple computers.

Updating Sessions

Sessions produced by earlier versions must be updated, if they're to take advantage of the latest version of Capture One.