Workspace Layouts

Arbeitsflächen / Anpassung / Persönliche Arbeitsbereiche

Capture One features a highly customizable layout to make the most of the screen space.

Default workspace layout

The default workspace displays the Viewer and Browser together which is meant to fully utilize the available screen space of today's typical 16:9 aspect ratio displays. You can experiment with various workspaces by selecting Window > Workspace and select an option that best fits your workflow. There are two primary layout modes, that can be quickly selected when you to maximize the workspace:

  • Viewer only
  • Browser only

The Viewer and Browser only modes can be selected in turn from the View menu by selecting the Hide/Show options for the relevant layout mode.

Displaying the Browser only

Capture One allows you to quickly hide the Viewer (⌥⌘V/Ctrl+Alt+V) from the Viewer and Browser mode, so that you can display only the Browser instead. Not only is this useful when visually searching for images when space is restricted, for example on a laptop screen, but it comes into its own on larger displays where a large number of thumbnails can be quickly scanned. When you've found the image you've been looking for, simply select it in the Browser, then double-click or use the same shortcut (⌥⌘V/Ctrl+Alt+V) to cycle back to the Viewer and Browser mode.

When the Browser is in the Auto (hide) mode, cycling back to the Viewer and Browser mode will display the Viewer only.

Displaying the Viewer only

When you want to start work on editing an image and require a larger Viewer, you can simply hide the Browser (⌘B/Ctrl+B). Use the same shortcut a second time to toggle back to the default Viewer and Browser mode.

You can read more about Workspaces and how to customize them here.