LAB Readouts in Capture One Pro

This is a technical guide to the Lab color space implemented in Capture One Pro. Lab values are widely quoted by manufacturers of color charts, and used by a number of third-party image analysis applications.

Capture One Pro can display color values in the Lab color space. This feature is provided with the intention of using it for the comparison and measurement of color using a reflectance target or color chart, such as the ColorChecker SG or ISA GoldenThread target, when used for flat art reproduction. However, it may also be used for other types of photography where colors are to be matched using a similar method. This guide serves only to highlight the limitations of measuring colors and to mitigate issues that have a demonstrable effect on the readout values.

The Capture Process

This section highlights some of the pitfalls encountered during the capture process, both during profiling and reproduction.

Lab Coordinates in a Processed Image

The process of conversion from RGB to the Lab color space is determined by the profile in use. However, when using different color engines, there is some discrepancy in the way the data is translated.

Standard RGB Color Spaces

This section looks at the relative merits, as well as some of the shortcomings, of popular standard RGB color space profiles.

Matching Lab Conversion to Third Party Software

Capture One Pro offers several Lab implementations to match the different interpretations of RGB profiles by third-party applications.

Message Codes

The Lab readout feature in Capture One Pro supports the most common and useful versions of profiles, however it will warn when a profile can be interpreted in more than one-way.