Catalog or Session?

Should you be working in a Catalog or a Session, or both? This section looks at the benefits of Capture One's dual image management systems.

Opening Capture One for the first time

You must first choose between a Catalog or a Session to begin importing and working in Capture One.

A Catalog is more suited to creating or maintaining an existing image library and is ideal for large, on-going projects. Although you can create numerous Catalogs, a Session is a more convenient when working with smaller, individual projects; for example, you can simply create a separate Session folder for each download from a memory card, which you can name by date or project as per your existing naming strategy.

However, you are not tied using one type of image management system over the other. You can create as many as you like (depending on disk space) and can switch between the different types at anytime.

  1. After opening and activating Capture One, you will be presented with a simple dialog with two workflow choices:
    • I am New to Capture One - select this if you are unfamiliar with Capture One and want to open a Catalog.
    • I know Capture One - select this if you’re familiar with either Catalogs or Sessions. You will be presented with a second dialog with the option to create a new Catalog (or a new Session if you prefer, see here for more details.
  2. A new document (i.e., Catalog/Session) is created and named (this can be renamed at a later date, if necessary). After creating a new document, you can import files from your card reader, connected camera, or folder. See the Importing section for more information.

After installing, the first time you open Capture One you will be presented with a simple dialog with two workflow choices