User Interface Overview

The main Capture One User Interface elements are a Tool Tab bar, a set of Cursor tools, a Viewer and an Image Browser.

Basic overview

  • The Viewer displays a large preview of one image or a number of selected images.
  • The Image Browser displays thumbnails of selected images from a folder, Album, Smart Album, Project, Group as well as a Catalog.
  • The Cursor tools provide easy access to a number of closely related sub-features, referred to as Tools.
  • The Tool Tabs give access to all of the core tools needed to edit images, such as color balance, exposure and sharpness.

Overview in detail

  • The Toolbar provides graphical shortcuts to some of the most useful functions of Capture One.
  • Tools: Each tool tab has a number of related tools to help adjust an image file.
  • Viewer Modes: Access the Multi view, Primary view and Toggle Proof Margin Viewer modes.
  • Browser Modes: Access and select the Filmstrip, Grid View and List View browser thumbnail viewing options.
  • Search the Browser: Insert text into the search field at the top of the Browser to filter
  • Sort the Browser: Choose the order of thumbnails in the Browser from a number of criteria including: name, star rating, ISO etc.