Capture One Cultural Heritage


Capture One CH is a special workflow application featuring exclusive tools expressly designed to aid museums, libraries, archives and other institutions when digitizing a wide range of materials.

Cultural Heritage Workspaces

Capture One Cultural Heritage has a number of preset Workspaces to accommodate the specific workflow needs of professionals at the forefront of preserving our cultural heritage.

Auto Crop tool

The Auto Crop tool enables automated cropping of images of flat materials, bound documents or roll film, either on capture or with an existing image.

Modify Crop

It is possible to change both the position and the size of a crop or multiply cropped selections after they have been applied.

Multi-Crop feature

The Multi-Crop feature greatly improves productivity as it allows multiple images with a specific crop each to be automatically created from a single capture.

Base Characteristics for CH

Capture One CH has a special Film Reproduction Mode in the Base Characteristics tool that handles the conversion of positive and negative black & white and color film as well as other transmissive materials. In addition, Capture One CH also ships with a number of ICC input profiles specifically for Phase One digital backs and various light sources, particularly flash and tungsten.

Film Scanning Styles

In addition to the Film Reproduction modes, Capture One Cultural Heritage offers built-in Styles crafted specifically for Film Scanning that can accommodate B&W and color transparencies and negatives as well as other transmissive materials.

Capture Resolution Ruler

The Capture Resolution Ruler can be used to confirm the resolution of images after capture, as well as when performing test shots using the composition mode.

PPI Assist and AutoColumn

The PPI Assist feature will let you specify a target resolution, and the Camera Focus tool will then calculate how much the iXG camera needs to move relative to the subject to achieve the desired resolution.

LAB Color Readout for CH

The CIE L*a*b* color space is a popular choice for use in measuring reflective and transmissive objects and is specified in both the FADGI 4-Star and Metamorfoze imaging guidelines.

Auto Levels for CH

When using the Auto Levels feature in conjunction with conversions of positive and negative black & white and color film, it will give improved results if the Channel Mode is set to using the Red, Green and Blue Channels.

Copy Stand tool

The Copy Stand tool can be used to automatically move the camera cart on a supported copy stand until a chosen target resolution is obtained. This feature is only supported on Phase One or DT branded AutoColumn stands.


Slipstream is a highly simplified capturing mode that opens up on top of Capture One CH, and hides most of Capture One’s complexity. Slipstream runs on a Windows computer and is designed for touch screen operation, as for example on a Surface.

Cultural Heritage White Papers

To get more in-depth information on how to optimize your Cultural Heritage workflow, read our Cultural Heritage White Papers.