Modify Crop

It is possible to change both the position and the size of a crop or multiply cropped selections after they have been applied.

This is done with the Modify Crop feature, which is especially useful when multiple cropped selections must be changed at once.

Using Modify Crop

1. If the goal is to modify the crop on multiple images, press the Cmd (Mac) key and select all the images that need to be modified.

2. Go to the main menu, select the Edit menu and make sure that Edit All Selected Variants is enabled. If this option is not enabled, only the Primary selected image will have the crop changed.

3. Click on the option icon in top-right corner of the Auto Crop tool or the Crop tool and select Modify Crop....

4. To change the location of the crop, enter a value in the two Location fields, the first handles a horizontal move and the second a vertical move. Note that positive values will move the crop right and downwards, while negative values (adding a minus to the value) will move the crop left and upwards.

5. To change the size of the crop, enter a value in the two Size fields, the first changes the width and the second the height of the crop. Positive values make the crop larger, while negative values will make it smaller.

6. Choose where the current crop should be anchored when changing the size of the crop by clicking on one of the nine points in the Anchor box. By default, the changes will be done from the center out. By choosing the top-right corner, for exam- ple, it is possibly to make sure that all changes to the size happen in the opposite direction, e.g. to left side and bottom of the crop.

7. Click on Modify to apply the changes.


  • It is possible to use a combination of positive and negative values for both Location and Size. For example, the values -3 and +3 in the Size fields will reduce the width of the crop by 3 cm while expanding the height by 3 cm.
  • The size unit in the Modify Crop Tool mirror what is currently selected in the size unit drop-down menu in the Crop Tool. In the example above, cm is the chosen unit.

  • Depending on the settings in the selected Process Recipe, the size unit drop-down menu in the Crop Tool might be locked to the unit chosen in the Process Recipe Tool in the Basic tab. Change the unit under Scale or select Fixed in order to unlock the size unit drop-down menu in the Crop Tool.