Crop / Rotation

To revert to the un-cropped image. Click Reset adjustments button the crop mask.

To Use an Unconstrained Crop on an Image

  1. Go to the Composition tool tab or select the cursor tool.
  2. Select the Unconstrained Ratio from the drop down menu and drag a crop frame in the image area. Depending on your preference settings there will be a semi-transparent mask hiding the area that is being cropped.
  3. The orange numbers on the sides indicate the size of the cropped image.
  4. Select another cursor tool to see the applied crop in its final form.

To Add and Use Aspect Ratio

  1. Go to the Composition tool tab.
  2. Choose Add Aspect Ratio from the Ratio drop down menu.
  3. Add a name and the ratio needed in the dialog box.
  4. Press OK.
    The new ratio will appear in the Ratio drop down menu.

To Apply a Crop to Several Image Files

  1. Set the crop desired on one image file.
  2. Choose Adjustments > Copy Adjustments or press the Copy Adjustments icon.
  3. Select the image to which you would like to apply the crop.
  4. Choose Adjustments > Apply Adjustments or press the Apply Adjustments icon.

To Crop Outside the Image Area

  1. Go to the Composition tool tab.
  2. In the Crop tool, check mark the Crop Outside Image option.
  3. Now it is possible to adjust the crop area outside the image area.
  4. When another tool is selected the new crop is shown in the Viewer.

Learn More

  • Adjust a crop by dragging the edges of the preview inwards (the cursor will turn into a two-way arrow) until the desired crop has been achieved.
  • Click within the crop boundary (where the cursor will turn into a cross) and drag the selection to move the entire selected cropped area.
  • The original image with the cropping mask is shown in the thumbnails.
  • Reselect the Crop tool at any time to readjust the crop settings.
  • The crop masking can be changed in Preferences. Go to Capture One > Preferences and select the Crop option to change the opacity and brightness of the mask being used.
  • Click the Reset Crop adjustments button to undo a crop and revert to the original un-cropped image.