Workflow Tips

Workflow / Copy and apply / Customization / Preferences / Workspaces

  Primary Variant 
Toggle between editing the Primary Variant (the thumbnail with the thick white border) and editing Selected Variants (all selected images in Viewer). If the Primary toggle button is not selected then edit actions are only performed on the Primary (image) with the thick border.

Variants and Clones

View before and after images
See two versions of an image in pre and post production once you’ve applied your adjustments. Working with Variants or Local Reset can help you compare these images.

  1. Press F3/F7 (Mac/PC) to get a Clone Variant of a selected image.
    (This will produce another preview of the selected image with the same adjustments applied).
  2. Press F2/F8 (Mac/PC) to create a New Variant to create a preview of the same image that has had no adjustments applied.
    (The New Variant is, in essence, a duplicate of your original RAW file).
  3. Alternatively, press ALT and click Local Reset button while holding and releasing the mouse button down to toggle a chosen tool's adjustments on and off.

 Reset all applied adjustments to an image by pressing the Global Reset icon. Alternatively, reset Local adjustments by pressing the small reset button located in the tool’s options.

Local Copy and Apply
Copy adjustments made with a tool to one or more images.

  1. Press the small double-ended arrow icon on the tool.
  2. Check mark the settings to be copied in the Adjustments Clipboard and press the Copy button.
  3. Select the images that you want to apply the (copied) changes to and press the Apply-arrow in the top toolbar.

Quickly copy a local adjustment setting to a group of images 

  1. Select all the images that you want to apply the setting to.
    Ensure the image that you are copying from is your Primary Variant (marked with thick white border).
  2. Hold SHIFT down and click the little double-ended arrow on the tool that you want to copy and apply. All the adjustments will now be copied to the selected images.
  3. Changes made in one tool can also be saved as a Preset.
    See To create a Preset.

 Global Copy and Apply 

Perform a Global Copy and Apply of adjustments made in all tools to other images

  1. Press the left arrow to copy all the adjustments made to an image.
  2. Select all the images that you want to apply the settings to.
  3. Apply the adjustments by pressing the right-arrow (Paste) in the top toolbar.
  4. All changes made to an image can also be saved as a Style.
    See To create a Style.

Customize the Capture One User Interface
Capture One offers numerous customization possibilities. You can reposition the users interface to have the Image Browser or the tools on the right hand side.

  1. Experiment with the default workspaces by choosing Window > Workspace and select an option that best fits your workflow.
  2. Go to Capture One > Preferences for further customization choices.
    See Preferences.