Working in Sessions Pro

Sessions / Workflow / Workspaces

Create a Session as a project container that primarily stores folder locations and paths to drives used in a project. For quick access and fast loading of folders you can create favorite folders for the locations used in a particular project.

Sessions is especially useful when you are shooting tethered. Simply create a tethered session, plug in the camera and capture images directly to Capture One. This saves time compared to importing images after a shoot.

Shooting tethered in Capture One can also help you get superior control. A shoot can be scrutinized as it happens, to help you fine-tune image parameters.

Create a New Session

  1. Go to Library tool tab and press + in the session tool or File > New Session.
  2. Name the Session.
  3. Rename folders if desired.
  4. Decide the placement of the Session folders.
  5. Note that a tethered session will contain a Capture Folder.
  6. Press OK.

Open a Session

  1. Choose File > Open Session OR File > Open Recent Session.
  2. Browse the Session file and open Sessionname.COL50.

Note: The Session drop-down menu allows browsing between the previous 6 sessions.

Move Location of a Session

  1. Browse the Session’s folder, and move all files in the folder.
  2. When moving a Session, the session subfolders should be linked relative, to assure automatic update of the link.
    If the link is absolute, you will loose connection to the folders when changing location.

Delete Files from a Session

  1. Select the files to be deleted.
  2. Press Backspace.
  3. The files are placed in the Session Trash Folder, where they can be deleted or retrieved.
  4. Empty the Session Trash folder by selecting File > Empty Session Trash.

Work in Two Sessions Simultaneously

  1. When one session is open, choose File > Open Session.
  2. Browse and open the next session file Sessionname.COL50.
  3. It is now possible to drag’n’drop images files from one Session to another.

Note: Capture One can handle numerous open Sessions at the same time.

Learn More

The Capture tool tab is present in an un-tethered session; you can remove the tab by right-clicking and choose Remove Tool Tab. The session drop-down menu allows browsing between the previous six sessions. Once a session is completed, close the window; all adjustments to files are instantly stored.