Folders / Smart album / Rating / Filters / Metadata

We recommend importing images to a folder on a main drive using the importer dialogue box (File > Import Images). You can use rating, color tags or filters to organize your images.

The “Selects Folder” (Move-To Folder) can be assigned to any folder to make it a temporary destination when you want to quickly transfer images from one folder to another. The “Move-To Folder” function can come in particularly useful when you want to edit and move your best images into a different folder whilst browsing through multiple other image collections.

First create and name a new folder (Right Click > Add New Folder). Next, assign this folder as Selects Folder folder (Right Click > Set as Selects Folder). Now you can browse image collections and click the Selects Folder icon (located in the top left tool bar) whenever you find an image that you want to add to the new folder. If you don’t want to physically move the images, then create a Smart album to represent a collection of references to the images.

Once rated and moved, the best images can be quickly optimized before proofing to clients as JPEGs or by creating a Web Contact Sheet. The Capture One Web Contact Sheet function will help you to create a web gallery to send to clients (File > Make Web Contact Sheet). The Web Contact Sheet will, in addition to the images, show caption and copyright information, which can be added when importing files.

Albums and folders
Album folders are virtual image collections. To create a new Album, click File > New Album. Alternatively, right click (and select New Album) in Library Tool or press the New Album option at the bottom of this Library panel.

Get quick access to certain folders by creating a favorite folder. A favorite folder is cached enabling rapid access.

In general, it is possible to drag images to a folder. Images can also be dragged from a Capture One folder to a file system folder and vice versa, if the operating system supports this action. You cannot drag images or groups of images into a Smart Album; only into a simple or favorite folder.

See Smart album.