Search and Filters

Filters / Smart album / Metadata

A simple text and filter search can help you find, sort and organize your images. The images in a selected collection (an actual folder, session folders, album, and smart album) are displayed in the thumbnail Browser.

Video Tutorial - Search and Filters

Peter Eastway demonstrates how to use the Capture One Search and Filter to find and organize photos.

To Filter a Collection

Perform a simple search by inserting text in the search field next to the magnifying glass icon and watch the result change in the browser as you type. Adding multiple words will produce a search with resulting images that contain one or all of the inserted search terms. E.g. Inserting “blue red phase” will produce resulting images that contain either blue or red, or phase in any metadata field or in the filename.

You can filter an image collection by inserting text in the search field located just above the Browser or by opening the filter dialog box (by clicking on the magnifying glass icon) to create a custom filter. Any customized filter can be saved as a smart album by clicking Create Smart Album option in the Create filter dialog box.

See Smart Album.

An image collection can be filtered by rating, or by combining a rating and a color filter. This will help narrow down a search to find images that contain a specific rating AND a certain color tag.

Note: If a rating has been applied, a filter will not take effect until a thumbnail has been deselected (when the white border is removed).

To Filter a Collection by Rating

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon and select Rating from the drop down menu.
  2. Select a star rating in the search menu.
    You can continue to filter by selecting a different higher or lower rating as desired.
    The result is displayed in the Browser.

Follow the same procedure to filter by color tag. N.B. You may occasionally need to clear all the filter criteria by selecting the Clear Filter option (in the Presets drop down menu) within the Create filter dialog box when combining a rating and color tag in a filter.