Web Gallery

Web Contact Sheet / JPEG


The Web Contact Sheet module lets you showcase your work by creating web photo galleries. Create a web gallery from a selection of flexible templates for impressive web based images presentations. You can insert a title, a text description and a copyright and set the image size and quality (e.g. smaller size files when zipping and e-mailing to a client).

Video Tutorial: Web Contact Sheet

Peter Eastway demonstrates how easy it is to create a web gallery to showcase photos. The Web Contact Sheet feature in Capture One has a selection of flexible templates for impressive web based image presentations.

Create a Web Contact Sheet

  1. Select the desired images in the Browser.
  2. Select File > Make Web Contact Sheet…
    The Web Contact Sheet module opens in a window on top of the Capture One window.
  3. Select a Theme.
  4. Fill in any TEXT fields. (Title, Description, Copyright and Weblink).
  5. Set the desired thumbnail, preview and quality size.
  6. Select a Path folder in the Web Sheet Output tool.
  7. Check mark the Show after Export if you want to see the gallery in your web browser.
  8. Press the Export button.

Image Caption

Select which caption to show in the Web Contact Sheet below a selected image. If you use the filename (see Output naming) in any descriptive way (e.g. rating or personal notes) then you can set the caption to sequence number.