Light Control

Wirelessly control Profoto lighting from Capture One Pro (version 6 and later).

Getting started

This plugin requires Capture One Pro (version 6 and later) for Mac, a Profoto Air USB transceiver and compatible Profoto lighting products. Please go to the Profoto website to download the plugin and for information about installation.

Video tutorial: Profoto Studio plugin

The Profoto Studio plugin enables users to control Profoto lighting wirelessly from within the Capture One Pro software. Find out more in this video with Adrian Weinbrecht.

Add Profoto Studio to a Tool Tab

Choose the location of the Profoto Studio plugin within Capture One.

  1. Ensure that the desired Tool Tab has been selected.
  2. Go to View> Add Tools To [tool name] Tab and select the Profoto Studio.

Select a Radio Channel

Ensure that the Profoto Air USB transceiver is connected to a Apple Mac computer. Select a radio frequency channels from the drop down menu that is the same as the compatible Profoto lighting equipment.

Next, select Update to search for available lighting on the chosen channel. This process may take around 10 seconds.

Profoto Studio interface

The Profoto Studio tool is ready to use when available lighting on the selected channel is listed. If no equipment can be detected, the list will remain empty. Flash generators that are turned off will display the following indication -.- and flash generators that are turned on will be indicated with their respective energy settings, e.g. 8.5.

Other noteworthy functions include:

  • The default Group setting is Master
  • The Test button fires a test flash
  • The power can be adjusted in full f-stop of 1/10th f-stop increments via the arrow buttons
  • The ON/OFF and Modellling light buttons are located to the left of the power buttons