Working with Colors

Capture One provides a number of tools to adjust colors. The tools are designed to support your workflow when handling specific issues like saturation, white balance or skin tone.

White Balance

Use the Capture One White Balance tool to establish perfect natural colors and neutral grays.

Color Balance

The Color Balance tool gives you the opportunity to fine-tune image tones.

Color Editor

The Color Editor enables users to select and adjust a narrow color spectrum without affecting other colors in an image.

Black & White Tool Pro

The Black & White tool enables users to convert images into razor sharp monotone photos.

Multiple RGB-readouts Pro

Capture One provides an option to have multiple RGB-readouts displayed in various areas of a photo.

Process Engine

The latest version of Capture One uses an improved process engine as its default setting. Image files that were edited and processed in the older version 6 software may have a different appearance when output using the new version 7 process engine. Switch to the older version if you need to reprocess image files to get the same output result.

Learn More

Links to information regarding the Base Characteristics tool and practical advice about the Colors Tool Tab.