Color Balance

Color balance / White balance / Black and White / Skin tone

The Color Balance tool gives you the opportunity to fine-tune image tones.


The Color Balance tool enables users to get precise control of colors, hue and saturation within an image. It is possible to adjust colors to the highest standards in Capture One, but accuracy of results is dependent on having a well-calibrated monitor to precisely reflect any changes that have been applied to images.

An accurate white balance should be set before you get started. Then color adjustments can be applied to create the desired mood for an image. Like other settings in Capture One, these changes can be saved as a Preset and applied to additional images.

Set the color balance

  1. Go to the Color Tool Tab.
  2. Use the Color Wheel Pointer to set the desired color tone.
    (The pointer circle will turn orange when in use). 

Fine tune the color balance and save as a preset

  1. Move the pointer around the Color Wheel to alter the color balance of an image. Fine tune the Color Wheel selection using the Hue and Saturation sliders.
  2. The Hue slider moves the color-tone point around the color wheel to provide subtle color changes. The Saturation slider increases the saturation by moving in or out along the radius of the color wheel.
  3. Go to the Manage Presets icon to save a Color Balance for later use.

Find out more about Presets. 

Manage presets

Select the Manage Presets menu at access some useful controls and options:

  • Access a saved preset or delete it if unwanted.
  • Select one of the built-in presets to instantly warm up or cool down the appearance of an image.

Note: It is worth remembering that color presets are relative to the image they are applied to, not absolute. This means that all values added, are added to the values created in White Balance.