Process Engine

The latest version of Capture One uses an improved process engine as its default setting. Image files that were edited and processed in the older version 6 software may have a different appearance when output using the new version 7 process engine. Switch to the older version if you need to reprocess image files to get the same output result.

Video tutorial: Process engine

Learn about the Capture One Pro 7 Process Engine in this video. (Click on the image to the right). Version 7 is based on an entirely new and groundbreaking image processing engine. With its new Bayer Interpolation Method, it will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail from your camera's raw files.

Change the process engine

  1. Go to Capture One>Preferences>Image
  2. Go to the Default Process Engine and select Capture One 6.  
  3. Remember to switch back to the Capture One 7 option to attain best results.