Editing Photos

Working with Colors

Capture One provides a number of tools to adjust colors. The tools are designed to support your workflow when handling specific issues like saturation, white balance or skin tone.


Use the Capture One Exposure Tool Tab to adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, levels and clarity.

Lens Correction Tool Pro

Use the Lens Correction Tool Tab to address a number of unwanted issues commonly associated with lens distortion. (Compatible with RAW files only).


The tools in the Composition Tool Tab enable users to control the layout of a photo. Crop, rotate, apply keystone corrections and utilize the Overlay tool when capturing an image for a specific layout or design.


The Details Tool Tab includes tools for sharpening, noise reduction, Moiré and spot removal.

Local Adjustment

The Local Adjustments Tool Tab allows you to create layers and work on targeted areas of an image.

Styles and Presets

Find out how to create and apply Styles and Presets.

Global Auto Adjustments

Global Auto adjustments can correct six parameters including the White Balance, High Dynamic Range, Levels and Rotation.