Capture One Pro 7

Q – What is Phase One Capture One Pro 7?

A - Capture One Pro 7 is an advanced digital imaging software designed for professional photographers who require superior image quality, efficient performance and the ability to organize the user interface to match how they work. Featuring a rich set of image quality, performance, and workflow advancements, it speeds delivery of final photographic images in output-ready formats, true-to-life color and exquisite detail.

Q - Who uses Capture One Pro?

A - Capture One Pro is used by the world’s leading professional photographers and photo enthusiasts who require the highest image quality. It is used by those who are shooting both with high-end Phase One and Mamiya Leaf camera systems and with all leading DSLR cameras.

Q - What's new in Capture One Pro 7?

A - This is a major new Capture One Pro release built on a re-engineered processing engine, with new and advanced tools that dramatically boost out-of-the-box image quality, offering exquisite detail and color rendition. New digital asset management support offers powerful and flexible tools for image organization. The world’s most advanced tethering shooting solution adds live view support for selected DSLRs. For a comprehensive list of new and improved features, please go to

Highlights include:

New Processing Engine with Raw Rendering Advancements
Phase One engineers excel at converting raw image data into accurate RGB images, obtaining the highest file quality. For Capture One Pro 7, engineers have designed an advanced Bayer Interpolation algorithm for stellar out-of-the-box detail and color rendition.

Noise Reduction
A brand new highly advanced noise reduction method has been added providing stunning results at even high ISO levels. Individual optimization of best compromise between minimum noise and maximum details has been designed for each camera that Capture One Pro 7 supports. A custom adjustment tool controls the amount and type of noise reduction.
Highlight and Shadow Recovery
The greatly enhanced HDR tool squeezes dynamic range out of each image -- bringing out more details in both the shadows and the highlights.

Reveals more details and structure in landscape images; reduces the effect of haze and gives images a more three-dimensional look. The clarity tool helps add local contrast and saturation to images for an extra punch. For portraits, you can use negative clarity to achieve a more dreaming look.

Automated lens correction and improved LCC workflow
Capture One Pro 7 has a selection of default lens profiles that can be chosen to automatically correct any unwanted optical issues. Images are automatically adjusted for lens failings, such as distortion and chromatic aberration using be-spoke profiles for popular medium format and DSLR lenses. A more efficient Lens Cast Correction workflow includes more convenience in tagging images with batch creation and application of LCC profiles.

Local adjustments
Non-destructive local adjustments let you edit targeted image areas. Improved local adjustments like gradient mask, fill mask and auto mask help fine-tune the details. Common retouch jobs are handled with a few strokes to control colors, exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpening and moiré.

Digital Asset Management in Catalogs
Next to the familiar and proven sessions approach, Capture One Pro users can now organize their image files via comprehensive and flexible catalogs. Incorporating powerful digital asset management features found in Media Pro, they can work with multiple catalogs at the same time; share catalogs with other users; switch between different catalogs without relaunching; easily tag images for later search and retrieval; and browse and adust images when the original images files are offline.

Instant Tethered Capture
Import and view images as you shoot them with the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution. Use the Capture Pilot for iOS or a web browser to view and rate images when you are away from the computer.

Live View for DSLRs
Live View mode on selected DSLRs helps improve and speed up image composition, light and focusing adjustments.

Adjustable Preview
While working with catalogs, a small exact-match, adjustable preview is created for each original file, so that you can work on images very quickly even when the original raw images are offline.

Processing Recipes
Processing Recipes define the output parameters of an image, such as file format and scaling. Different types of jobs require different types of processing parameters. Define recipes for you most common type of processing task so you have them ready next time.

Process to additional file formats
Deliver image files to your clients and colleagues in whatever format, size, or resolution they need. You can now process to several additional file formats. Besides JPEG, TIFF, Capture One Pro 7 offers processing to JPEG XR or JPEG 2000 files with higher or lossless compression, to PNG files, to one-layer PSD files or to calibrated DNG files.

New OpenCL-enabled processing
A new OpenCL implementation extends the power of your computer’s graphics-processing unit, speeding processing, for faster image output.

Q - With the introduction of Catalogs, is it possible to still use Sessions?

A - Yes. Sessions now offer even stronger file organization, enabling you to store all files as a complete project (with all relevant files such as raw, settings, library and output).

Q - Can images be transferred between Sessions and Catalogs?

A - Yes. It is possible to import and transfer all your images with adjustments from sessions to catalogs. You can also export images with adjustments from catalogs to open images in a session.

Q - What is the role of Media Pro in this version of Capture One Pro?

A - Media Pro has served as inspiration for many of the great new catalog features in Capture One Pro 7. The powerful and unique features of catalogs in Capture One Pro 7 -- ease of set up and ability to work on various catalogs open at the same time -- makes this a compelling DAM solution for our customers.

Q - Will Media Pro still be a stand-alone Phase One product?

A - Media Pro is still being developed. Based on market input, we are constantly evaluating how best to provide value to our customers and improve our products including Media Pro. Media Pro supports a number of file formats that are not supported in Capture One Pro 7 and so supports other important Phase One customers.

Q - What file formats does Capture One Pro 7 support?

A - Capture One Pro 7 supports around 250 different file types from most major camera manufacturers and most commonly-used graphic file and image formats.

Q - Is my lens supported in the new lens correction tool?

A - There will be more than 100 lenses supported with the introduction of Capture One Pro 7 with more to come.

Q - What metadata does Capture One Pro 7 share with Adobe Photoshop?

A - Capture One Pro 7 supports the worldwide IPTC metadata standard and therefore is compatible with any application adhering to that standard, such as Adobe Photoshop.

Q - Are the Capture One Pro 7 features the same in both Windows and Mac OS?

A – Yes, with some slight differences.

Q - Is there a Capture One Express version 7?

A - Yes. Capture One Express 7 shares the same new re-engineered processing engine as Phase One’s professional software. It also includes many of the advanced tools that professionals use to obtain exquisite detail and color rendition. Catalogs are now the default organizing method in the software, and libraries from previous versions of Capture One Express may be easily imported. Also, now images can be viewed remotely and wirelessly using either the Capture Pilot app for iOS or using a web browser on computers, Android devices and Windows phones.

Download Capture One Express 7

Q - What is the price of Capture One Pro 7?

Phase One Capture One Pro 7 is available now for Mac OS X and Windows at and from Phase One partners. The price is 299 USD and 229 EUR. Owners of Capture One Pro 3/4/5/6 may upgrade for 99 USD and 69 EUR. Owners of Capture One Express may upgrade to Capture One Pro 7 for 249 USD and 199 EUR. For customers who have purchased Capture One Pro 6 since September 26, 2012, Phase One is offering a grace period, exempting them from the upgrade fee.

Q - When is Capture One Pro 7 available?

A - Phase One Capture One Pro 7 is now available for Mac and Windows at and from Phase One Partners worldwide.

Q – Are trial periods of Capture One Pro 7 available?

A – Yes, a full working version of Capture One Pro 7 is available to try for 60 days.

Q - How many computers are covered by a single license of Capture One Pro 7?

A - Each license is valid for use on two separate computers.

Q – For studios with many computers, what are the options for multi-seat licenses?

A - Phase One offers multi-user licences up to 50 user, with options to buy respectively a 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 seat license. For more information please contact your local Phase One Partner.

Q – Is educational pricing available for Capture One Pro 7?

A - Yes, educational discounts are available for some programs. For more information please contact your local Phase One Partner.

Q - In which languages is Capture One Pro 7 available?

A – Capture One Pro 7 is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

Q - What are the recommended system requirements for Capture One Pro?

A - For optimal performance, multiple core processor-based computer; 8 GB of RAM; a fast hard disk e.g. a Solid State Disk (SSD) with plenty of free space. Full minimum system requirements, can be found here.

Q - What training materials are available?

A - Customers can access an Online Help at for a variety of materials to help you work with Capture One Pro 7. Further, video tutorials can be found on the website, along with a printable “Getting Started Guide” available for download.

Q – I see that more studios are looking for technicians who have Capture One Pro certification. How can I become certified on Capture One Pro?

A - Please see