Albums and Folders

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Use albums and Selects Folder as a key organizing element in a Capture One Session or Catalog.

Albums and folders

Album folders are virtual image collections. There are three primary ways to create a new Album:

  1. Go to File>New Album.
  2. Right click (and select New Album) in Library Tool.
  3. Go to the User tab in the Library Tool. Press the + icon and select New Album.

Find out more about Albums and how to use them here.

Add images to an album

A straightforward way to add images to a folder is to drag and drop (selected) thumbnails from the Browser. Images can also be dragged from a Capture One folder to a file system folder and vice versa, if the operating system supports this action. You cannot drag images or groups of images into a Smart Album; only into a simple or favorite folder.

Selects folder

The Selects Folder (previously known as the Move-To folder) is automatically created when a new session is started. It is designed to enable users to quickly and easily move image files. Once an image is selected, users simply need to press the 'move to selects' button on the toolbar and the location of the file will change to the assigned folder* (see circled).

Tip: To quickly move an image to the Selects Folder, right click on a thumbnail in the browser and select Move to Selects Folder. Alternatively, use keyboard shortcut ctrl+j (PC) or cmd+j (Mac).

*The Selects Folder is located in the Session folder – between the Output an Trash folder.

Selects collection

It is possible to assigned any folder to make it a Selects Collection when you want to quickly transfer images from one folder to another. The Selects Collection function can come in particularly useful when you want to edit and move your best images into a different folder whilst browsing through multiple other image collections.

  1. Create and name a new Catalog.
  2. Right click and select Set as Selects Collection to assign a folder.
  3. Now browse image collections and click the Selects Folder icon (located in the top left tool bar) whenever you find an image that you want to add to the new folder.

    N.B If you don’t want to physically move the images, then create a Smart album to represent a collection of references to the images.

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