Create and utilize a catalog in Capture One Pro 7

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Create a catalog

  1. Select File>New Catalog... Or use keyboard shortcut shift+cmd+N.
  2. A dialog box will appear. Fill in the Name field and select a Location for the catalog.

Video tutorial: Catalogs

Learn about catalogs in this in depth video tutorial. (Click on the image to the right). A catalog is the primary method of file organization and viewing in Capture One Pro 7. Catalogs contains all the information needed to find and display any images added to the catalog including metadata and even what visual adjustments. With Capture One Pro 7 you can easily switch between multiple catalogs without having to restart or re-launch the software.

Import images into a catalog

There are three ways to import images into a catalog in Capture One:

  1. Import is the normal procedure. Press the import icon (arrow icon in middle or the top left of the UI) or go to File>Import Images… Find out about the Import dialog box here.
  2. Shoot from a supported DSLR or digital back – Images will go to the active Catalog by default or it is possible to choose a location.
  3. Import a Media Pro or Expression Media Catalog. Go to File>Import Catalog>MediaPro Catalog…
    Please note that Capture One will only recognize image files and not PDFs and Word/Excel documents etc.

Switch between catalogs

  1. Go to the Library tool tab and select a catalog from the drop down menu.
  2. A catalog will open instantly in a new window.

Folders tool

The Folders tool lets users see where catalog files are located. The subheading Catalog shows if there are any images placed inside the catalog.

Essential information:  

  • Right-clicking on the folder will show a number of options including one to reveal the complete file system hierarchy.
  • Click on the plus icon (circled) to add folders for the catalog database to recognize. This can be useful if you want to move images from one folder to a new folder. Remember to always complete actions like this within Capture One Pro 7 so that the Catalog database can keep track of changes.
  • Click on the minus icon (circled) to remove a folder from this section.

Organise a catalog: Create a group

  1. Go to the Library tool and press the + (plus) icon at the top of the User tab.
  2. Select one of the four options.
  3. In this example, a Group has been selected and it has been named People.
  4. Next, it is possible to add a number of projects or albums within the group. An Album has been select to help organise the different models within the Studio Portraits catalog.
  5. Drag and drop selected image files from the catalog into the newly created Album.

Shared catalogs

It is possible for several people to share and work on the same catalog. it is also possible to lock a catalog (restricting it to a 'View Only' mode) to ensure no changes can be made to it.

To lock a catalog...

  1. Go to File>Lock Catalog...
  2. A dialog box will appear. Press the Lock button and the window will reopen.
  3. A locked catalog can be opened by multiple users simultaneously, but no changes can be made to it. Notice the icon in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail. (See circled). All editing tools will also become disabled.  
  4. Go to File>Unlock Catalog... Press the Unlock button to remove the restrictions.

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