Media Pro

Find out how to create and import a Media Pro Catalog in Capture One Pro

Create a Media Pro catalog from Capture One Pro

  1. Ensure Media Pro has been installed.
  2. Go to File>Create Media Pro Catalog.
  3. Alternatively, right click on a Sessions Album (in Library) and select Add Album to Media Pro Catalogue.

Note: Capture One Pro can sync color tags and star ratings. (Grey and Cyan colors are not compatible).
Metadata and Catalog Set information received from Media Pro may be used to update images and Albums in Capture One. Go to Capture One>Preferences>Warnings and choose the behaviour for each type of information warnings from the two drop down menu options (See Media Pro section at the bottom).

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Import a Media Pro catalog into a Capture One Pro

  1. Go to File>Import Catalog>MediaPro Catalog…
  2. Choose the Catalog file and press Open. 

N.B. Capture One will only recognize image files and not PDFs and Word/Excel documents etc.