Smart Albums

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A Smart Album is a filtered album containing a subset image collection. Discover the benefits.


A Smart Album only contains the references and adjustments that will be applied to all views of the image. You can search and/or filter within a Smart Album. This will help to narrow down a collection of images to get a smaller subset to work on and accelerate workflow; e.g. Filter all images rated with three or more stars in the Smart Album that need retouching and finalizing.

Smart Albums will contain images located in a Catalog or Session folders (i.e. Session Folders, Session Albums and Session Favorites folders).

Create a smart album in the library tool

  1. Select File>New Smart Album.
  2. Name the Smart Album and add a filter criteria. If no filter criteria are selected, then the Smart folder will include all the images in the catalog or session folders (albums and favorite folders).
  3. To populate the Smart Folder with images, see Edit Smart Album.

Edit a smart album

  1. Right click on a selected Smart Album in the Library Tool and select Edit Smart Album...
    The Filter Collection dialog box will open and display the criteria that were created earlier.
  2. Change one or more criteria. Add more criteria by clicking on the + icon.
  3. Press OK. The Smart Folder is now updated and will only contain images that match the filter settings.

Create a smart album from filtered collection with multiple criteria

  1. Click the area (with three dots) on the right side of the search field. (This area is sometimes highlighted in orange). A Search Collection dialog box will appear.
  2. Add custom fields by clicking on the + icon. Choose a criteria from the drop down menus.  
  3. Any customized filter can be saved as a Smart Album by clicking Create Smart Album option at bottom of the dialog box
  4. This Smart Album will now be located in the Library Tool with a default name. Give the Smart Album a name.

Can I use a smart album in a catalog?

Yes. Album folders are virtual collections that offer an easy way to organize images from different folders, without having to create duplicate images in the same folder. Smart Albums are populated automatically by images that match the album’s criteria. Capture One comes with a selection of Smart Albums that are already set up in the library. You can also create your own Smart Albums.