Toolbar / Tool tabs / Customization / Personal tab / Workspaces

The interface is divided into a number of elements, all providing a set of tools. The Toolbar provides graphical shortcuts to some of the most useful functions of Capture One.

Cursor tools

The Cursor tools are part of the Toolbar and provide easy access to a number of closely related sub-features. They are located at the top/middle of the the user interface. (See the example right).The Cursor tools can also be activated by keyboard shortcuts. Read more on this in the Shortcuts section.

Tool Tabs

Tool Tabs are sets of related tools that include some of Capture One’s most common and frequently used features. They are located at the top/left corner of the user interface. (See the example right). Find out more on each Tool Tab here. 

Each Tool Tab contains a number of tools. Each tool has its own set of controls to adjust a selected image file or multiple files. The Toolbar can be customized to display a set of controls to suit your needs. See Customize the Toolbar. 

Select a predefined workspace by selecting Window>Workspace.


Press the Trash icon to delete images. The deleted image file will be placed in that session’s trash folder. Files will not be permanently deleted unless you select File>Delete Permanently from the Capture One menu.

To delete the files directly in the OS trash, press CMD+delete.

To delete the files permanently, press Shift+CMD+delete.