Capture One Pro 8 allows keyword tags to be added as searchable metadata using a new dedicated tool, and adds the timesaving hierarchal keywording feature from Media Pro.

Organizing images in Projects, Albums and Smart Albums will help you to locate images in Capture One, however when photographs are submitted to a photo-agency, stock library or client, your images will be stored according to their own procedures. While stock libraries will have specific guidelines for keywords, it is still good practice to adopt keyword tags to help find photos at a later date.

The new Keywords tool in Capture One Pro 8 provides a simple way to apply keyword tags including timesaving hierarchal keywording to help users categorize, search and find images.

Keyword tags applied to Raw files are stored in the Capture One Metadata settings file and saved in Sidecar XMP files along with any adjustment settings upon exporting. If embedded data is preferred, deselect Prefer Sidecar XMP over Embedded Metadata in the Preferences pane. However, Capture One embeds keyword tags in JPEGs and TIFFs as metadata during export.

Apply keyword tags to images

  1. Go to Keywords tool found by default under the Metadata Tool Tab.
  2. Next select the image or images from the browser that you want to add the keyword tags to. Note, keywords cannot be generated in the Keyword tool unless images are selected first.
  3. Type the chosen keyword in the field labeled Enter Keywords…  in the Keywords tool. Or, click on the + (Plus) icon in the dialog box and type the keyword. Enter multiple keywords using comma (,) to separate individual keyword tags. Note the space key does not act as a separator.
  4. Press the + (Plus) icon, press enter to apply the tag to the selected image or images.
  5. To add another keyword tag or set of keywords, repeat from step 3.

Capture One has an auto-fill function for all Metadata fields including Keyword tags. As you start to type, Capture One will suggest keyword tags from those already added to the list. Click on one to select it, or scroll and click to select from a list, or use the up/down keys then press enter.

Capture One Pro 8 allows keyword tags to be added as searchable metadata using a new dedicated tool, and adds the timesaving hierarchal keywording feature from Media Pro

Enter hierarchal keywords

  1. Go the Metadata Tool Tab and select the images that you want to add the keywords to.
  2. Select the Keywords tool and enter hierarchal keywords in the Enter Keywords… field using pipe (I) or greater than (>) as separators. For example; People | Woman | Portrait…or People > Woman > Portrait… Hierarchies can also be added in ascending order using the less than (<) symbol as the separator; Woman < Portrait < People. Note neither the space key or hyphen act as a separator.
  3. Alternatively, press the + (Plus) icon in the Keywords tool and type the parent keyword. Press the + (Plus) icon second time to add the child keyword. Repeat the process to add new child keywords to the hierarchy.
  4. Press enter to assign the keywords when using the Keywords tool.

To amend an existing hierarchal set of keywords, click on the keyword displayed in the Keywords tool and drag it to the relevant position in the hierarchy, and press enter.

Note: Keyword tags entered into the Keyword tool may be saved as a User Preset. This is a quick and easy way to add extensive keyword lists to a series of images. There are no limits to the number of presets that can be saved, and the presets may be stacked allowing multiple lists to be applied.

Enter hierarchal keywords

Edit mistyped keywords

Capture One has an auto-fill feature for faster keywording and if mistyped keywords are suggested it’s easy to correct them.

  1. From the Keywords tool located in the Metadata Tool Tab, select the suggested keyword in the panel. Or, select an image with the misspelled keyword and select the tag from the panel.
  2. Right-click on the keyword and retype the keyword.

Edit mistyped keywords

Delete keywords from images

  1. Go the Metadata Tool Tab, and select the Keywords tool.
  2. Select the images to remove the keywords from.
  3. Select the keyword in the Keywords tool panel.
  4. Click on the – (Minus) icon to remove the keyword.
  5. Repeat to remove additional keywords.

Delete keywords from images

Delete keywords from a Catalog or Session

  1. Select All Images from the Catalog or Session located in the Library under the Library Tool Tab.
  2. Go to the Filters tool located by default under the Library tool tab.
  3. Under Keywords, select the mistyped keyword from the list. This will highlight all the images with the keyword applied.
  4. Select all the images shown and then navigate to the Metadata Tool Tab where the keyword will be displayed in the Keywords tool.
  5. Click on – (Minus) icon to remove the keyword.

Delete keywords from a Catalog or Session

Enter keywords from the Filters tool

Keywords may also be added from the Filters tool located by default under Library Tool Tab, but the primary purpose of this tool is to tag images in bulk.

  1. From the Library Tool Tab, go to the Filters tool and select the Keywords panel.
  2. Click on the + (Plus) icon. Type the keywords directly in the active field of the dialog box that opens above the main viewer. Separate individual keywords by commas. Enter hierarchal keywords using pipe (I) or greater / less than (> / <) symbols as separators.
  3. Press OK to add the keywords to the database inside Capture One. Keywords added this way are available across all catalogs and sessions.
  4. Drag and drop thumbnails from the browser onto the relevant keyword listed in the Keywords panel to apply the tags.

Note: Mistyped keywords may be corrected before pressing OK to enter them in the Capture One database, but not afterwards.  If a mistake is noticed after applying the keyword tag to images from the Filters tool, it can only be amended from the Keywords tool located by default under the Metadata Tool Tab. Select the tagged images, then select the keyword from Keywords tool and press the – (Minus) icon. Note, the keyword is not removed from the database.


Keywords may also be added from the Filters tool located by default under Library Tool Tab