File tab

Root folder

  • Use this field to choose where to output the processed files for the selected recipe.
  • The Output Location option is set by default, which defers the placement to the Output Location tool. See below for more details.
  • Selecting the Image Folder option returns the processed image files back to the folder with the original unprocessed files.
  • A third option, Select Folder…, allows the user to select from any folder to output processed files to, or to create a new folder either locally or to any networked drives.
  • Note the last two Folder options exclude the Output Location tool entirely, regardless of the settings.

Sub name

  • This allows a label or additional name to be added to the sub folder’s name.
  • In the Sub Name field, select either a relevant token from the naming tool adjacent to the Process Recipe Sub Name field, or type in a name.
  • Note, for the sub name to be applied to the folder name, the Sub Name token must be added to the Sub Folder text field.

Sub folder

  • This selection adds a named folder for the processed file.
  • If the Root Folder refers to the Output Location tool and a folder is named in the Sub Folder field there, then the former folder will be enclosed by it.