Working with Catalogs

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Catalogs are best used as semi-permanent projects or for organizing large volumes of images.

Overview of Catalogs

Before importing any photos, you must first decide to use either a Catalog or a Session. This section provides information on Catalogs and the benefits of using one.

Importing Images into a Catalog

Find out how to import images from your card reader, connected camera, flash disk or portable external drive, as well as how to import and view images already stored on your computer, external drive or network.

Importing Catalogs and Sessions

In addition to importing entire Capture One Catalogs and Sessions and their associated images, you can also import Media Pro Catalogs, as well as Lightroom catalogs and Aperture Libraries.

Organizing Images in a Catalog

After you have imported images into your Catalog the next step is to organize them. You can use system-based Folders, or organize your images using virtual folders; Projects, Groups and Albums.

Working with Multiple Catalogs

In Capture One you are not restricted to working in any one Catalog or Session at a time.

Working with Networked Catalogs

Whether you’re an individual with one or two computers or you’re part of an organization or group, Capture One is network compatible and capable of handling access from multiple computers.

Backing-up a Catalog

This section provides information about backing-up a Catalog. It also describes how to restore a Catalog, should anything go wrong, and how to verify a Catalog to keep it in good shape.

Upgrading Catalogs

Catalogs produced by earlier versions of Capture One must be upgraded if they're to take advantage of the latest database enhancements.