Capture One Express 7 overview

The content on this help site is written primarily for the use of Capture One Pro 7. However, many of the features available in the Pro version of Capture One are also available in the Express version. Therefore the help pages will still be mostly relevant for Express.

This is help section for Capture One Express 7. Before getting started please check the System Requirements.

Use the comparison table below to see the difference between the Pro and the Express version.

Capture One Pro 7 | Capture One Express 7
Capture and import
Extended Camera Support
Instant Tethered Capture
Capture Pilot app
Web-enabled Capture Pilot
Live View
Integrated Movie Import
Import from Media Pro

Organize and select
Search and Filtering
Smart Albums
Offline Browsing
Manual Sorting
Advanced File Naming
Rating and Color Tagging
Focus Mask
Focus Tool
Loupe Tool
High Speed Caching

Enhance and adjust
Noise Reduction
High Dynamic Range
Color Editor
Local Adjustments
Keystone Correction
Black and White Conversion
Lens Cast Correction
Lens Correction
Levels and Curves
Styles and Presets
Skin Tone Enhancer
Spot Removal
White balance
Auto Adjustments
Batch Apply Adjustments
Composition Tools

Export and print
Slide Show
Print Options
Web Contact Sheet
EIP Enhanced Image Package
Soft Proofing and CMYK Support

Performance and workspace
Accelerated Editing and Processing
Interactive Speed
Save ICC Profile as default
Multi monitor

Browser Filmstrip
Optimized for Mac Retina Displays




  1. Go to Capture One > License...
  2. Select Try Capture One Express and press Activate. Alternatively, select Activate and enter your license code and profile details. You will receive a 16-character code either by email or with the original software package.
  3. Type in the email address that correlates to your Phase One Account. (If you do not have an account one will be created for you). Press Get profile and the rest of the form will be filled in. New customers need to fill in the rest of the form.
  4. Press Activate. Your software is now ready for use.

    Note: An Internet connection is needed for activation. One license can activate Capture One Express 7 on two computers.

Video: Introduction to Capture One Express 7

Learn all the essential information about the latest version of Capture One Express. (Click on the image to the right).
Capture One Express 7 offers dedicated photographers a revolution in image quality. You get precise colors and incredible detail from tailor-made camera profiles that bring out the best in your camera. It is a powerful tool containing flexible photo management, essential adjustment tools and fast performance in one integrated package.

User Interface Overview

  • The Viewer displays a large preview of one image or a number of selected images.
  • The Image Browser displays thumbnails of selected images from a folder, Album, Smart Album, Project, Group as well as a Catalog.
  • The Cursor tools provide easy access to a number of closely related sub-features, referred to as Tools.
  • The Tool Tabs give access to all of the core tools needed to edit images, such as color balance, exposure and sharpness.

Tool Tabs

Capture One Express 7 has a fixed Tool Tab bar. Each Tool Tab contains a number of utilities that include a set of tools to adjust image files. Click on the links below for further information. (Listed from left to right).

  • Library Tool Tab
  • Quick Tool Tab
  • Color Tool Tab
  • Exposure Tool Tab
  • Composition Tool Tab 
  • Details Tool Tab
  • Adjustments Tool Tab
  • Metadata Tool Tab

Video: Import

The Import Window in Capture One Express 7 allows you to immediately import images and videos from a CF card or directly from the camera. This task is made even easier as you can apply multiple styles to image files during import. (Click on the image to the right).

Video: Organising the Catalog

With Capture one Express 7, you easily organize your images in the default Catalog. The Catalog will aid you in the selection and filtering of images to locate the ones you need, quickly and easily.
The Catalog contains all the information needed for Capture One Express 7 to find and display your images. That information includes how the images are organized, metadata and even what visual adjustments have been made to the images. You can choose if you want to store your images within the Catalog or anywhere else on your computer, network drive or external hard drives. (Click on the image to the right).

Capture One Express Feature Parameters

Tethered Capture
Tethered capture is not possible in Express and therefore any related tools and preferences (i.e. the Camera Tool Tab) are removed.
However, Capture Pilot, is present in Express and a good way to browse your images away from your main computer. It can be found by default in the Library tab.

Image Management
Sessions, the image management workflow in Capture One version 6 and an option in Capture One Pro 7 is disabled. Image management is therefore via Catalogs in Capture One Express 7. Additionally, only one Catalog can be used at a time.

Raw Conversion and Adjustments
The same industry leading raw conversion is available in Capture One Express 7. Therefore you can expect the same great image quality from either version. Some adjustments are however not available, for example, Local Adjustments and Advanced Noise Reduction. While some adjustments tools could be available in Capture One Pro Express, they may have a limitation on functionality. For example, individual channel adjustment in the Curves tool and the absence of Split Toning in the Black and White Tool.

Existing Users of Capture One Express 6
Image management in Capture One Express 6 was via the Default Session. This can be migrated into Capture One Express 7 by using the Session to Catalog migration tool.

For information on how to do this, watch the following tutorial on our Youtube channel.