Layer Adjustments Pro

Local Adjustment / Exposition / Éditeur de couleurs / Accentuation / Moiré

Capture One Pro allows you to make targeted adjustments to your images using the majority of the tools located in the tool-tabs. You can either apply adjustments directly with a few brush strokes or, when more advanced editing is necessary, create masks on multiple layers using the brush and apply adjustments retrospectively. In addition, more complex repair and retouching is available using the brush-based Heal and Clone tools.

Working with Layers and Masks

When more complex editing is required, Capture One’s Layers tool enables you to combine brush adjustments, gradients and repairs to masked areas using multiple layers.

Applying Adjustments with the Brush

Capture One’s Layers tool enables you to directly brush in adjustments on-screen in real-time. Find out about the brush and its settings.

Applying Adjustments using a Gradient Mask

Adjustments can be applied using a gradient mask, giving a similar effect to a graduated filter.

Color Range Mask

Capture One enables you to create a mask from a color range using the Color Editor tool.

Working with Styles and Presets in Layers

Capture One's Layer's tool allows you to apply Styles and Presets selectively to your images. You can also save groups of adjustments as a User Preset and apply those to batches of images.

Repairing Images

The Layers tool in Capture One Pro has individual brush-based Heal and Clone tools for localized repairing of images.