Working with Colors

Capture One provides a number of tools to adjust colors. The tools are designed to support your workflow when handling specific issues like saturation, white balance or skin tone.

Base Characteristics

Use the Capture One Base Characteristics tool to define the camera’s default reproduction of both color and tonal range.

Working with White Balance

Use the Capture One White Balance tool to establish perfect, natural colors and neutral grays.

Working with the Normalize tool

You can use the Normalize tool to quickly set a working baseline for both Exposure and White Balance between two images. In addition, when light levels are controlled and consistent between captures, it can be used to make very precise adjustments.

Color Balance Pro

The Color Balance tool enables you to fine-tune image tones easily, and offers individual control over the shadow, mid-tone and highlight areas of the image.

Working with the Color Editor

The Color Editor enables you to select and adjust a narrow color range without affecting other colors in an image.

Black & White

The Black & White tool enables users to convert images into razor sharp monotone photos.

Displaying Color Values Pro

Capture One can display multiple RGB, CMYK or Lab color readouts at various points in an image.

Processing Engine

The processing method or engine determines the way in which a RAW file is demosaiced, color managed and presented on screen. Changes in engines can dramatically improve how the image is presented. The tools and their adjustments in Capture One can therefore produce different results depending on how they interface with the engines.