Organizing Images

This section contains all the information you need to structure your images in a catalog or session. Add keywords and other meta data to help with cataloging, Rate your best images or Search and filter for material by almost any property.

Working with Catalogs

Catalogs are best used as semi-permanent projects or for organizing large volumes of images.

Working with Sessions Pro

Sessions are favored for daily on-set workflow with direct interface to the computer’s file system. Find out how to create a Session and start importing images.


The Library Tool enables you to access files located on your local computer or on external drives and networks. The Library Tool is a filtered file explorer that displays Catalogs, Sessions, Albums, Projects, Groups, Folders and supported files.

File Naming

Choose a customized filename recipe that best fits your needs.

Creating Copies of an Image

Each time you copy an image you create another variant. Capture One keeps all of the variants of an image together in groups, so that you can always view and work on them together at anytime.

Sequences (Phase One XF system camera only)

This section covers the new Sequences feature for the Phase One XF system camera and how you can use it to automatically name files and create sub folders, search and group images together from a number of related photos.

Managing Keywords and Metadata

The Metadata inspector allows you to insert and manage keywords, as well as view and manage basic metadata.

Deleting Images

Find out how to delete source images and variants in Sessions as well as referenced and managed variants in Catalogs.