Tethered Capture

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Shoot directly to the computer for an instant preview on screen, automatically apply image adjustments and control the camera. This section describes how to get the most from Capture One when working with a tethered camera.

Tethered Capture Overview Pro

Shoot directly into Capture One using Sessions or Catalogs; the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution.

Capture Naming and Counters

Capture One imports images directly when working with a tethered camera, and you can choose from and apply a wide range of naming and counter options in the process.

Changing the Capture Location

Whether you're working with a Session or a Catalog, Capture One always stores captured images on the computer rather than the camera's memory card. You can leave the storage destination to Capture One or you can override it, however as a Session and Catalog vary in how they manage images there are some different options available.

Apply Capture Adjustments

Capture One can automatically apply a range of adjustments, including ICC profiles, metadata and image settings, as well as built-in or user-defined presets and styles to captured images to help you work faster.

Applying Camera Settings

When working tethered using a supported camera model, you can alter a wide range of camera settings, as well as adjust focus, initiate live view and trigger the shutter, all directly from within Capture One.

Working with an Overlay Pro

Use the Overlay tool when working tethered to help capture images for a specific layout or design. The Overlay tool can also be used when working with Live View.

Working in Live View Mode Pro

Accelerate your workflow with Live View for supported medium format and certain Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.