Simulating Film Grain

Use Capture One's Film Grain tool to simulate the look of film by adding grain to your images.

An overview of the Film Grain tool

The Film Grain tool can be used to alter the image aesthetic by adding a realistic interpretation of film grain to digital images. Alternatively, the Grain tool may be used to add texture to digital images that have an excessively smooth or “polished” appearance, possibly after adding too much noise reduction or after adjusting the negative Clarity settings. If this is the case, the Film Grain tool may be used to create a more natural-looking image. Increase Impact (contrast) and Granularity (grain size) with caution. A number of built-in presets for different grain-effects are available from the tool's action menu (...).

Adding film-like grain to images

  1. Go to the Details Tool Tab.
  2. From the Film Grain tool, select the grain type from the Type drop-down menu.
  3. Select an area of uniform color or an area without texture if possible, in the Viewer or the Focus window.
  4. Adjust the contrast to the desired amount using the Impact slider.
  5. The granularity or size of the grain is adjustable. Alter from fine to coarse by dragging the Granularity slider to the right. Note, when Fine Grain is selected the Granularity slider is disabled.
  6. Settings may be saved as User Preset. A number of built-in Presets are also available.

Note: The Film Grain tool is not available as a Layer.