Exposure and Contrast

Exposition / Local Adjustment / Luminosité / Contraste / Saturation

Use the Capture One Exposure Tool Tab to adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, levels and clarity.

Auto Adjustments

Capture One's Auto adjust option can correct several parameters including the Exposure, Contrast and Brightness, High Dynamic Range, Levels and Rotation all with just a click of an icon.

Basic Adjustments

Capture One has a number of intelligent, slider-based tools for correcting and adjusting the basics such as Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation.

High Dynamic Range

Simulate high-dynamic range imagery from a single image, using Capture One's High Dynamic Range tool.

Levels Adjustment

Find out how to use the Levels tool to control the tonal distribution and alter the contrast. The Levels tool can also be used to correct color casts in the individual color channels.

Curves Adjustment

Discover how to use the Curve tool and accurately adjust the overall color and contrast in the shadow, mid-tones and highlights in the combined RGB mode, as well as control color in the individual color channels.

Adding and removing contrast with the Clarity tool

The Clarity tool can be used to add or remove contrast to both large- and small-scale areas to either make images 'pop', or used to smooth-out textures, such as unwanted wrinkles and large pores from expanses of skin.

Working with Vignettes

Add character to your images with a vignette using Capture One's purpose-designed, easy to use Vignetting tool.