Proofing Colors

Capture One can proof colors in one color space while processing a file to a second color space.

Proofing profiles

Capture One displays the image with the output profile applied from the selected process recipe, however Capture One can display another ICC color space profile without altering the recipe.

Proofing a specific profile is useful for determining any unexpected color changes and is a crucial step in a color-managed workflow and is essential when printing, where a mistake will result in the waste of ink, paper and time. This option allows you to override the current profile and display the image as it would render if a different output device was chosen. It is particularly useful, for example, when you have to supply an image in an RGB color space to a printing lab, yet want to proof the image using the lab's recommended CMYK profile.

Capture One's default setting is to render previews with the output profile applied directly, by selecting the desired profile from the Proof Profile option available from the main menu (View > Proof Profile > Selected Recipe). Note the input device profiles (e.g., camera profiles) associated with the source image files are not altered by Capture One.

  1. Select the image variant in the Browser that you want to proof.
  2. From the Output Inspector, select the appropriate recipe in the Process Recipes panel.
  3. In the Process Recipe panel below, go to the Basic tab and select or verify the output profile listed in the ICC Profile field.
  4. Verify Capture One is rendering the image using the appropriate output profile. From the main menu, select View > Proof Profile > Output Recipe Profiles > Selected Recipe (or one of the listed recipes, if desired).
  5. Repeat selection from the main menu and select View > Proof Profile and select the appropriate RGB/CMYK profile from the list. (Select All if your system profiles aren't displayed, and then select from the list.)  Select an appropriate print profile, when you want to print your images.
  6. Capture One renders the selected image using the chosen profile, instead of the output profile.
  7. To process the image according to the recipe's parameters, click on the Process button.