Capture Resolution Ruler

The Capture Resolution Ruler can be used to confirm the resolution of images after capture, as well as when performing test shots using the composition mode.

The Capture Resolution Ruler is located in the Main Tool Bar and the Pre-Flight and QC tabs in several CH workspaces. If it’s not visible, use the Add Tool option to add it to any Tool Tab.

Measure image resolution

1. Capture an image with an object level target displayed, such as that supplied by Golden Thread.

2. Locate the object level target using the Pan cursor and then double-click in the Viewer to display the image at 100% for improved viewing and accuracy.

3. From the Pre-Flight Tool Tab or the QC Tool Tab, locate the Capture Resolution Ruler tool and ensure that the Show option is enabled. Then click on the Ruler icon - it turns orange when active. Note that the Ruler cursor is also available from the main Cursor Tool Bar.

4. Click and drag on the object level target’s ruler as if to measure it with the cursor, taking care to align the Capture Resolution Ruler cursor’s end-points with the target ruler’s scale. For higher accuracy, measure the whole of the object level target’s ruler, if possible. Click and drag either end of the rulers end-points to reposition and improve precision, if needed.

5. Select the target ruler’s unit of measurement for Length and then select the unit of measurement for Resolution (for instance, px/in for PPI) from the relevant drop-down menus.

6. Type in the value of the target’s ruler measured in the Length field, then click inside the Resolution field and the measured figure will be displayed. The length and resolution will also be shown on the resolution ruler in the Viewer.

If px/in is chosen as the unit of measurement, Capture One automatically converts any metric measurements for length in the Resolution field.
Reset the Capture Resolution Ruler from the Action [...] button in the top-right corner of the tool by selecting Reset Tool.

Tip. Many tools are context sensitive in Capture One; right-click over the ruler cursor in the Viewer to activate the Capture Resolution Ruler tool.