Search and Filters

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There are numerous ways to search an image collection to help you find, sort and organize images.

Users can apply a simple text filter or use the Filters Tool Tab to quickly locate image files that have a colour tag or star rating. Filtered images (in a Catalog, actual folder, Session, album, and Smart Album etc.) are displayed in the Browser.

Filters tool

The Library Tool Tab has a Filters tool that is useful for global searches or groupings. There are a number of ways to use the different filters:

Filter by Star rating and/or Color tag

Ensure that you have applied color tags and star rating to an image collection.

  1. Go to the Filters tool in the Library Tool Tab.
  2. Notice that there are numeric indicators that let users see how many images have, for example, a 5 star rating and/or a color tag. (The number next to the relevant color or star in the Filters tool tab represents how many images fulfill that criterion).
  3. Click on the number (that is adjacent to the star rating/color tag) to filter all the images with those particular criteria so that they appear in the browser. (The active filter will have an orange dot next to the number).
  4. In this example all images that have a 5 Star rating have been filtered. Click on the orange dot to deactivate the search.

Follow this procedure to filter images by other criteria such as Keyword, Place and Format. (Find out how to add more search criteria below). 

The Library Tool Tab has a Filters tool that is useful for global searches or groupings

Add more filters

Add more filter criteria to the Filters tool tab to help refine your image search.

  1. Go to the Filters tool in the Library Tool Tab.
  2. Click the action menu icon (three dots) at the top of the Filters tool.
  3. Select Show/Hide Filters... An option box will appear.
  4. Check mark the criteria that you want to add to the Filters tool.

Add more filters to help refine your image search

Use text to filter a collection

  1. Insert text into the search field at the top of the Browser or in the Filters tool. (These search fields are circled in the example image).
  2. The results will change in the browser as you type. Adding multiple words will produce a search with resulting images that contain one or all of the inserted search terms. E.g. Inserting “blue red phase” will produce resulting images that contain either blue or red, or phase in any metadata field or in the filename.

Tip: Press the magnifying glass icon (on the left of the search field) to quickly filter images using a color tag or star rating.

Use text to filter a collection

Create a custom filter

Filter an image collection using the Search Collection dialog box.

  1. Click the area (with three dots) on the right side of the search field. (This area is sometimes highlighted in orange). A Search Collection dialog box will appear.
  2. Add custom fields by clicking on the + icon. Choose criteria from the drop down menus.  
  3. Any customized filter can be saved as a Smart Album by clicking Create Smart Album option at the bottom of the dialog box.

An image collection can be filtered by rating, or by combining a rating and a color filter. This will help narrow down a search to find images that contain a specific rating and a certain color tag.

Note: If a rating has been applied, a filter will not take effect until a thumbnail has been deselected (when the white border is removed).

Filter an image collection using the Search Collection dialog box