Lens Correction and Composition

Correzione obiettivo / LCC / Profilo obiettivo generico / Vignettatura

Use the Lens Tool Tab to address a number of unwanted issues commonly associated with lens distortion and use tools to alter the layout by cropping, rotating and applying keystone correction.

Lens Correction

Capture One has numerous tools to deal with lens distortion, including automatic detection and correction using lens profiles.

Lens Cast Calibration

Create a Lens Cast Calibration (LCC) profile if a specific lens model is not supported in the Lens Correction tool.

Rotation & Flip

Learn how to flip, rotate and even straighten a horizon in an image.

Crop Tool

The Crop tool enables freehand and fixed ratio crop options. It is even possible to crop outside the image area.

Keystone Correction Pro

Find out how to alleviate perspective distortion using keystone correction.