Viewing with a Web Browser

When connected to the internet, Capture One Pro's built-in server feature in the Capture Pilot tool allows you to view images using a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Overview of Capture Pilot web function

The web browser function offers an additional means of viewing and rating images for photographers or clients. This function means anyone can access Capture One Pro's Capture Pilot tool, as long as they have a computer or smart device with a web browser and an internet connection. This avoids the 'monitor huddle' that’s common with studio shoots. You can also use it to view shooting sessions from remote locations, via the internet.

Web viewing mode: Capture Pilot classic

Capture Pilot Classic is, in essence, a contact sheet of thumbnail images. Newly captured images will appear as soon as they are shot when shooting tethered. Thumbnail size can be adjusted by pressing the S, M and L letters in the top left corner of the screen.

Connect to a web browser

The web browser feature is designed to work on a local network (i.e. the computer running Capture One Pro is connected to the internet).

  1. Go to the Capture Pilot tool at the bottom of the Capture Tool Tab in Capture One Pro.
  2. Select the Basic tab. Ensure either Mobile and Web or Web Browser is selected from the Publish To fly-out menu.
  3. Select the Web tab, choose a theme from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the Rate Images and Color Tag Images as appropriate.
  5. Select the Basic tab and and press Start Image Server. A dialog will open the first time the web server is started that will require the user's system password.       
  6. To send an email with a link to the Capture Pilot server, click on the mail icon. (See circled). A new email dialog window will open.



Browse images using the controls in a web browser

Capture Pilot Classic mode: Click on any thumbnail to view a full screen image. Select the forward arrow (see circled in the top screen shot) to inspect the next image or backward to inspect previous images.

Full-screen Mode: Click on the arrow (see circled in the bottom screen shot) to inspect the next image. To inspect previous images, move your (mouse) cursor to the other side of the image and a backward arrow will appear.

Add Color tag and Star ratings from a web browser

  1. Go to Capture One and select the Capture Tool Tab, go to the Capture Pilot tool and select the Web tab.
  2. Check mark or deselect the Rate images and/or Color tag images option boxes to activate this function. 
  3. Click on a thumbnail in the web browser so that it is displayed in full screen. A window will appear on the screen where color and star ratings can be applied.

Web viewing modes: Fullscreen

The web browser function offers two primary modes: Full-screen and Capture Pilot Classic.

Full-screen mode will display a single image in its entirety. Click on the image to display the color tag and star rating as well as a film strip of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen.