Working with Vignettes

Add character to your images with a vignette using Capture One's purpose-designed, easy to use Vignetting tool.

Applying a vignette

Vignetting is a controlled exposure adjustment that will either darken or brighten the edges and corners of an image. The edges and corners will appear brighter when the EV value is added and darker when it is reduced. Vignetting will be affected by any color tone that is applied to an image, including the Sepia and Blue tone styles. Note this tool is not meant to correct the shortcomings of an optical system. The Light Falloff tool should be adopted for that purpose, in conjunction with either a Generic or Specific Lens Profile.

  1. From the Exposure Tool Tab, select the Vignetting tool.
  2. Select an image from the browser and choose the desired option from the Method drop-down menu. The two crop options, circular and elliptic, resize the vignette when cropping an image.
  3. Adjust the Amount slider to the right to lighten or the left to darken the edges and corners of an image. The amount of exposure can be adjusted over a range of ±4EV.