Importazione / Importazione delle immagini

The Library Tool enables you to access files located on your local computer or on external drives and networks. The Library Tool is a filtered file explorer that displays catalogs, sessions, albums, projects, groups, folders and supported files.

The Library tool tab in Capture One is where all file navigation and organization takes place. Navigate via the hierarchical tree-view to a folder that contains the image files you wish to edit. Thumbnails of the images within your selected folder will be created and displayed in the Image Browser. You can also watch videos supported by your particular OS. Find out more here.

Capture One applies non-destructive editing because any image adjustments will not affect the actual raw file – only the Capture One settings file will change. Create a catalog or session to help organize your workflow.

Albums and Folders

Use albums and Selects Folder as a key organizing element in a Capture One Session or Catalog.

Smart Albums

A Smart Album is a filtered album containing a subset image collection. Discover the benefits.

Search and Filters

There are numerous ways to search an image collection to help you find, sort and organize images.

Star Rate and Color Tag Images

Use stars ratings and color tags to help organize images.