Processing and Exporting Images

This section describes how to export copies of your original images, as well as process and output variants that you have created. Capture One also provides a variety of ways to showcase work. You can print photos, create a slideshow or export to a Web Contact Sheet.

Exporting Originals and Variants

With Capture One’s dedicated Export function, you can quickly export copies of your original images, with or without adjustments as seperate files. Variants can also be exported. Variants are processed using a single Process Recipe only.

Processing Variants Pro

Find out how to prepare image variants for processing using single or multiple Process Recipes from the Output inspector. Recipes are used to set the desired file format, ICC Profile and image resolution. They're also used to control keywords, add or remove sharpening, and add a watermark to images. You can also find out how to name or rename images, set the output location and use the Batch Queue to reprocess images.

Web Gallery Pro

The Web Contact Sheet lets you showcase your work by creating web photo galleries.

File Formats

Find out about the file format options in Capture One when exporting.