Capture Pilot with Studio

Capture One Studio

If you are using the Capture Pilot app on an iOS device in combination with running Capture One Studio, you have the option to display an added Overlay, the Grid or the added Guides on top of the image viewed on the iOS app screen.

The Overlay, Grid and Guides can be toggled on and off in the Capture Pilot app by tapping on their icons at the bottom of the app screen. It is worth to point out that the visibility in the app is controlled independently of whether the Overlay, Grid or Guides are enabled or not in Capture One Studio. This means that for example the Overlay or the Guides can be hidden in Capture One Studio but visible in the Capture Pilot app, or vice versa.

You will need to update the Capture Pilot app (version 2.2.x or later) to enable this functionality. Also note that Capture One Studio controls the Overlay, Grid and Guides with the associated tools. You cannot change the Overlay, Grid or Guides on the connected device, you can only toggle their visibility on and off.