Batch Queue and Processing History

Capture One automatically processes and outputs batches of photos, arranging them in a queue or line as computer resources dictate. A history or record of images that have been previously output is maintained, making it easy to find individual photos for reprocessing.

Edit the batch

  1. Go to the Batch Tool Tab.
  2. Choose the Queue tab.
  3. A batch of files can be changed and reordered. Simply drag and drop files to the desired order during processing.
  4. Highlight a file(s) and press backspace (on your keyboard) to remove it from the Batch Queue at any time.
  5. Press the Stop or Start button (at the bottom of the Batch Tool Tab) to stop or restart the queue at any time.

Process history

The Batch Tool Tab shows a history of all recent files that have been processed. When there is a need for further copies of these images, you can simply reprocess them.

Reprocess files (history tab)

  1. Go to the Batch Tool Tab.
  2. Select the History tab.
  3. Highlight any previously processed files and press the Reprocess Selected button.